How to stop building a self-centered Aqua Force deck

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Axis Vanguard

  1. Goal of the Article
  2. Definitions
  3. Aqua Force is all about flow
  4. It’s better to focus on one thing
  5. The Low Roll Rules
  6. Don’t Fall Into The “Win More” Cards Trap
  7. Example of my building philosophy: Building Thavas Premium
    1. G-Zone Choices
    2. Cray Elemental Staples
    3. Match ups and playing to the strengths of the Clan
  8. Creating Synergy between your cards
  9. Coral, Nerissa and balancing multi attacks and big columns

Goal of the Article

This article is mainly about deck building and how card choices can transition into good or bad situations in practice. The goal of this article is to introduce you, the reader, to some competitive deck building concepts like consistency focus, matchup prediction and the low roll rules.

Since it is an article about competitive Vanguard, Thavas will be the variant we will be focusing on but a lot of the points in this article can translate to other decks…

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